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Our Value

Global Network

Globally, Amazon has 123 fulfillment centers that can deliver to 185 countries worldwide. In China, we have fulfillment centers in 13 cities with a total space of more than 900,000 square meters; each fulfillment center follows global standards for warehouse management. Our fulfillment network can provide same-day and next-day delivery service in more than 1400 districs. Overall, our logistics network and systems can help you safely and securely reach customers across mainland China, and globally as well.

E-commerce Gene

Amazon has 20 years of successful experience in e-commerce operations, with 14 global websites and more than 285 million active users. As the most knowledgable e-commerce logistics service provider, Through use of integrated cross-border networks, we are able to seamlessly provide "one-stop" domestic and international fulfillment solutionswe provide diversified logistics solutions, helping Chinese sellers develop their business and expand globally.

High Tech/Innovation

Amazon's smart warehouse and inventory management systems enable us to leverage advanced storage, picking, and classification systems to quickly and efficiently locate product information and intelligently manage warehouse sections. With detailed GPS-based truck route optimization, we can ensure the highest efficiencies that result in the lowest possible transportation costs. Our precise, data driven fulfillment systems not ensure effective and efficient inventory management, but they also allow us to provide customers with the most accurate service committment. In order to achieve the best possible efficiencies, we focus on innovation in every detail.


Our operations team has rich and extensive experience in operations and logistics management, both domestically and internationally. We can quickly analyze and implement improvement plans based upon your actual business operations. We also can help you craft a vision for your long term business development.


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