Amazon has created one of the world's leading logistics operations for sellers and suppliers that have both domestic and international logistics needs. In addition to providing domestic warehousing transportation services, we are also leveraging Amazon's global network to provide efficient cross-border e-commerce fulfillment solutions. With an orientation of obsessing over customer needs, we will follow your detailed requirements, provide diversified services, and customize logistics

We are committed to offering world-class technology, innovative business models, and a competitive price structure to provide high quality, realizable logistics services. Our solutions will help you reduce your costs and improve efficiency. We look forward to becoming your trusted global logistics partner and to contributing to the development of your business.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

With the support of China-based offline fulfillment and delivery network, combined with our advanced supply chain management systems, we are able to offer end-to-end fulfillment solutions to mulit-channel online and offline businesses and manufacturers.
Whether you are selling to individual customers or businesses, or are doing e-commerce or offline sales, we can leverage the Amazon Logistics+ network and systems to help you improve your warehouing, logistics, delivery, and after-sales service, and elevate your customer experience to the highest level.

Transportation & Delivery Service

With a strong transportation network with nationwide coverage, Amazon Logistics+ can provide cargo and parcel middle-mile transportation, parcel pickup and delivery, last-mile distribution, and other end-to-end logistics solutions. Additionally, to meet customer needs, we also can provide a variety of on-demand transportation and delivery solutions to optimize your logistics network and offer various value-added services.

Global Transportation & Freight Forwarding Solutions

Amazon's cross border logistics soutions can offer customers a variety of globally-oriented, integrated solutions. These services include sea freight, air freight, international express delivery, freight forwarding, warehousing and delivery, terminal handling, and customs clearance. With support of Amazon's global logistics network, its high-tech systems, as well as the benefits of Amazon's global economies of scale, we can provide low cost high quality service to ship your goods around the globe.

Warehousing Fulfillment Solutions

As an expert in multi-category warehouse management, we can ensure that your products are safely secured, stored in suitable conditions, packaged according to specific needs, and prepared in our fulfillment center per promotional special requirements. Through Amazon's precise operational processes, we can quickly eliminate any picking, packing, or shipping inefficiencies, allowing you to better manage your own business costs.

Customized Logistics Solutions

One can select any individual business solution in our portfolio of services to meet your needs. Our business team will fully listen to your business requests and provide you with a variety of customized logistics solutions to enhance your efficiency and the visualization of processes at each stage, thereby providing a peace of mind regarding our safe and reliable logistics services.

Business Support & Customer Service Solutions

To meet our vision of providing the most customer-centric service, we will help you manage a range of services including consultation, registration, order inquiries, shipment inquiries, and all aspects of the business lifecycle. For your various end-customer needs, we can provide the full range of pre-sales service, post-sales support, and value-added services.

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