Business Support & Customer Service Solutions

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To meet our vision of providng the most customer-centric service, we will leverage our global operations network and world-class technology to help you manage a range of services including consultation, registration, order inquiries, shipment inquiries, all aspects of the service lifecycle, and back-office operations. For your various end-customer needs, we not only provide pre-sales service, post-sales support, and value-added services, we are also committed to providing a full range of professional solutions to help improve your customer service levels and bring to you the best service experience that will help your business expand.

  • Customer Obsession service culture
  • Timely response and professional solutions
  • Flexible and customized service solutions

Service Scope

Business Operations

1. Consulting services focused on business and process excellence, and end-to-end support for back office operations
2. Support services for registration, bill payments, order processing, issue resolution, and other back-end functions

Business Support and Customer Service

1. Order management, shipment tracking, and other time-sensitive service queries
2. End-customer focused pre-sales, online sales, and other businesses enhancement services
3. Management of after-sales service including, but not limited to, repair, maintenance, return and refund, and complaint and customer feedback management

Value-added Service

1. We can offer customer relationship management including business data analysis, customer behavior analysis, and survey management, all to enhance customer loyalty
2. We can offer superior customer service solutions, consulting services, and other customized services to improve your operational efficiencies and elevate your service management standard

Our advantages


Multi-language support

we can offer Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, etc. language support to support customers in local and international businesses


Round the clock support

we can offer 24/7 non-stop service to meet customer requirements through multiple channels and support smooth business operations during peak time(s)


Global service network

we leverage global network of customer service centers to support service localization, and service everywhere and at anytime


Advanced technology

we can utilize technology like Amazon Web Services, "big data" analysis, machine learning, and dynamic business and status tracking to support business growth and enhance operational performance levels



we will leverage experienced and in-depth service management in e-commerce to understanding online and offline customer needs, establish quality and service standards, and ensure mature performance, best practices, and service efficiency



we can offer customized service solutions to meet various customer needs through integrated services and smart and flexible solutions

Contact Us: 400-910-5669