Integrated Logistics Solutions

With the support of China-based offline fulfillment and delivery network, combined with our advanced supply chain management systems, we are able to offer end-to-end fulfillment solutions to mulit-channel online and offline businesses and manufacturers.

Whether you are selling to individual customers or businesses, whether you are doing e-commerce or offline sales, we can leverage the Amazon Logistics+ network and systems to help you improve your warehouing, logistics, delivery, and after-sales service, and elevate your customer experience to the highest level.

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Service Features

Our integrated fulfillment and logistics solutions includes door-to-door pickup, warehousing, transportation, last-mile delivery, and customer service.

  • Data-driven smart-warehouse management, accurate inventory management, efficient order processing
  • Nationwide fulfillment center network
  • Safe, compliant, worry-free
  • Simple and economical storage pricing
  • Warehouse daily operation management (receive, stow, pick, pack, ship)
  • Customized dedicated storage service
Customized Warehouse Management Solutions
  • Warehousing needs assessment, site selection, and functional needs evaluation
  • Internal warehouse process design
  • Warehouse daily operations management (e.g., inventory placement, picking, packing, sortation, and shipping)
  • Warehouse inventory cycle counting and forecasting
  • Warehouse-related value-added services such as label/sticker management and quality contro
Freight Transportation
  • Nationwide line haul network
  • Full-network visibility
  • Real-time tracking of cargo information
  • Smart fleet and load planning systems
Last Mile Delivery
  • Nationwide Delivery Network
  • Self-owned delivery service covering major cities nationwide
  • Same-day delivery in key cities nationwide
  • Comprehensive supply chain management system
  • Diverse and flexible options for customers to receive shipments
Customer Service
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Multi-channel support
  • Phone and email support both available
  • Support for data-driven customer experience analysis
  • Order-status self-service platform

Technical Support

Each innovation, effort, and progressive step in the development of our technology are aimed at continuously providing greater efficiency, higher quality, and a more convenient service.

Quick log-in
  • One-click registration
  • Bulk upload of inventory information
Technical Integration
  • Multiple integration methods (e.g., API, EDI)
  • Support on multiple platforms (seamless connection with Tmall, efficient data transfer solutions)
  • Convenient downloading of order data and retreival of tracking information
  • Professional technical support team
  • Quick and easy information tracking platform
Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Flexible storage solutions
  • Diverse solutions to bring inventory into regional warehouses
  • Customized services such as product inspection and preprocessing
  • Strict management of timing for inventory processing (i.e., first-in-first-out)
Order Management
  • Can satisfy all order models and diverse customer needs
  • Custom support for various types of promotional activities, gifts, and leaflets
  • Can optimize packaging according to customer requirements
Account Management
  • Standard billing and value-added service billing
  • Clear reconciliation details
Business Support
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Professional after-sales support team.
Data Reporting
  • Inventory status reporting
  • Order status inquiries
  • Inventory level reduction early warning reporting

Contact Us: 400-910-5669