Transportation & Delivery Service

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With a strong transportation network with nationwide coverage, Amazon Logistics+ can provide line haul transportation, parcel pickup and delivery, last-mile distribution, and other end-to-end logistics solutions for China-based customers. Additionally, to meet customer needs, we also can provide a variety of on-demand transportation and delivery solutions to optimize your logistics network. Finally, as needed, we can offer various value-added services including E-pod, credit-based handover, etc.

  • We have a highly-effective logistics operation, managed by a professional transportation team with world-class e-commerce-focused experience.
  • We will leverage the strong base of our own transportation volume to support an effective reduction of your operating costs.
  • We utilize data-driven analysis and leverage technology to visualize our entire operation, ensuring trust and peace of mind.

Transportation and delivery services

Door-to-door delivery

With our comprehensive transportation and delivery network, we can provide door-to-door delivery to customers across numerous cities in China. Our service also includes customer returns and flexible transfer within cities.

Cargo / Parcel Line Haul

We can provide city-to-city linehaul transportation for customers across China. Our service can provide on-time departure 365 days a year, and ensure an effective, accurate, door-to-door and last-mile delivery service.

Efficient last mile delivery

All year round, we provide a punctual last mile delivery service. Our fulfillment network can provide same-day and next-day delivery service in more than 1400 districts.

Self pickup service

We currently offer more than 5,000 pickup points nationwide, many of which are specialized campus-based or convenience store-based pickup points. With all of these locations, our self-pickup service allows for convenience and peace of mind for retreiving one's package at one's own schedule.

Value-added Services

Green packaging and integrated transportation solutions

We provide product packaging, transportation packaging, tote-based transportation, and other packaging material management systems to ensure shipments are delivered safely and special packaging needs are met.

Diverse customized services

Per customer requirements, we can also provide cargo loading and unloading, sortation, inspection, scanning, terminal storage, cross-dock handling, andother customized needs.

Payment on Delivery Services

We currently support a wide range of payment options for customers of third-party sellers. We not only offer COD services in more than 2,500 districts nationwide, we also offer MPOS in nearly 200 cities. Over time we will continue to expand this coverage.

Special Value-added Services

We can provide item exchange, customer returns, open-box inspection and other services per customer requirements.

Technical Support

We have the world's leading technical teams to provide efficient support and ensure you have convenient, safe and secure transportation service.

Contact Us: 400-910-5669