Warehousing Fulfillment Solutions

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Amazon Logistics+ can provide warehousing or warehouse management services to any customer with fulfillment needs. Services include: storage, order picking, packing, and shipping. Whether you are an internationally-known Fortune 500 brand , or a rapidly expanding small to medium sized e-commerce seller, we are able to provide a safe, effective, and inexpensive service to meet all of your warehouse operation needs.

Service Scope

Storage for general merchandise

we can provide first-class storage management, as well as real-time inventory status updates. We leverage a unique random-stow process and powerful data management systems to ensure accurate inventory information.

Picking & Packing

we leverage advanced and data-driven processes to select the most optimal picking route, improve picking efficiency, shorten order processing time, and provide packaging and protection suitable for transport. All of these processes will ensure your goods are safe and the order is delivered on time.


through standardized processes, and integration with upstream and downstream systems, we can provide the fastest and most efficient delivery of your orders. Even during the busiest peak or promotional period, we can ensure timely delivery.

Warehousing operation

Regardless of the customer, we will use our global and local operations experience to ensure that we can provide solutions to cover every aspect of your fulfillment needs. We will leverage hardware and software to support every aspect of daily management of our services.

Key differentiators and service features

Storage for special product categories

1. Shoes: to ensure quality control, shoes are hung vertically, sorted, repaired, and stored in areas to prevent mildew and moisture.
2. SKU tracking: the receipt of items when entering the fulfillment center, as well as the departure of inventory in new shipments, are all recorded in real-time and synchronized in our back-end systems.
3. Perishable goods storage management: items like alcohol, food, and cosmetics are all stored in secured, temperature-controlled areas to ensure quality. Additionally, our back-end systems track the shelf-life of each item, and provide early-warning notifications to ensure careful and timely management of expiration dates.
4. High-value item storage: we have standalone, separate warehouse areas supported by industry-leading systems and practices to ensure safe storage.

Other value added services

1. Repackaging: to meet different customer needs, we can package promotional material within shipments, add additional packaging material, and extra-large and extra-small packaging; all of these services can be sychronized within existing storage, supply chain, and delivery processes to ensure undelayed and smooth processing.
2. New product imaging, quality inspection, weighing, and measurement: to help customers collect information on new products, we can inspect the product appearnce, weigh, photograph, and perform other value added services. All of these will ensure that information is correct and up-to-date when inventory is received and processed, and avoid any delay when items are shipped or sold.
3. Damaged product classification and repair: whether during outbound delivery or customer returns, we can perform damage analysis and classification, as well as basic repair.

Operations Management Features

1. Random stow, high storage density, optimized picking paths, fast picking speed, high shipping efficiency
2. Professional packaging and protection to ensure inventory is safe and intact upon delivery
3. Professional custom processes, standardized operations, industry-leading minimal defect rates
4. World-class warehouse safety and loss prevention
5. All-weather storage facilities, and real-time tracking of inventory to quickly spot any discrepancies

Contact Us: 400-910-5669